Tourist Visa


  • Most visitors can stay for up to 6 months in Canada.


  • Visitor visa (including super visa) – per person $100
  • Visitor visa – per family (1 fee per family of 5 or more people) $500
  • Transit Visa No fee
  • Biometrics (per person) $85
  • Biometrics (per family) (2 or more people) $170

Processing times

  • Varies by Country

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Popular Visas for Australia

Migrate to Australia

GSM Visa

GSM has been the most preferred visa option for the immigrants. This pathway is most suitable for the skilled professional in various streams. Recently two new lists of skilled demand lists MLTSSL and STSOL are introduced by the DIBP. This demand list is reviewed very frequently and updated almost every year. Still this pathway attracts most of the immigrant around the globe. Immi Smart has expertise in this category with a huge success rate.

Temporary Activity

Live and Work in Australia?

Temporary Activity Visa

This visa lets you stay in Australia to take part in an approved special program. Special programs can include youth exchange, cultural enrichment or community programs, school language assistants or “gap year school volunteering “.

Explore Australia

Visitor Visa

For tourists, business visitors or to visit family coming to Australia for limited period of time. Immi Smart, a young company run by expert professionals, is committed to give you impartial advice on your higher education & career and help secure your future.

Visitor Visa