Education System in Canada

Education System Canada

School education is similar across all of Canada with only minor variations between Provinces. School education (primary and secondary) is compulsory between the ages of six and sixteen (Year 1 to Year 9 or 10). School education is 13 years and divided into:

  • Primary Education – Also known as elementary school, this level runs from Kindergarten or Grade 1 (ages six to seven) and runs through to Grade 8 (ages 13 to 14). The school year normally runs from September through to the following June.
  • Secondary Education – Also known as high school, this level runs from Grade 9 (ages 14 to 15) to Grade 12 (ages 17 to 18). Ontario has a Grade 12+. In Quebec, students attend high school until the age of 16. They may then proceed to CEGEP, a publicly-funded two-year college where students may pursue either a university preparation diploma, or a vocational diploma.
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The education system in Canada encompasses both publicly-funded and private schools, including community colleges/technical institutes, career colleges, language schools, secondary schools, universities and university colleges.
In Canada, education starts Pre-Elementary, Elementary to Bachelor’s then to Master’s and Doctorate level. Education structure of few Provinces is little bit different from others. Canadian Government also promotes Elementary and Secondary level of education for international Students. Major International Students opt for Diplomas, Professional Certificates, Graduate Certificates and Masters in CANADA. Below we have mentioned the Education system followed by most of the Provinces.

Official Language

International students may choose to study in either one of Canada’s two official languages. Some institutions may offer instruction in both languages, although students do not need to be fluent in both languages to attend school at any level in Canada.
Across most of Canada, the main language of school-level education is English. However, French-language education is widely available throughout the country. Regardless of the main language of instruction, French or English as a second language is generally taught from an early age.

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