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Are you planning to study or work abroad? Immi Smart is here to bring your immigration dreams to reality. We are a trusted immigration consultants in Melbourne assisting students, skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and families in migrating to Australia and Canada.

Whether you want to extend your visitor visa or need to sponsor your family, we assist you with visa guidance, application filing process, and paperwork. We are top-rated student visa consultants in Melbourne if you are thinking to apply for a student visa.


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At Immi Smart, our registered migration agents in Melbourne, Australia, are dedicated to serving our clients effectively, and as a matter of principle, we stay apprised of all the latest changes and updates in Australian immigration law, knowing that our understanding of the immigration law can make all the difference from one case to another.

We believe every case is important, hence we do extensive research into every case that we practice, guaranteeing work that is free of costly, unacceptable mistakes. We help with:

  • Document Checklist
  • Eligibility Assessment
  • Application Processing
  • Assistance With Medicals
  • Visa Interview Guidance

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With a bouquet of comprehensive services that bridge the gap between dream and reality, Immi Smart is proudly offering one-stop solutions for Australia & Canada immigration. Our visa consultants ensure hassle-free application processing and save our clients’ time, efforts, and money.

An Immi Smart visa consultant in Melbourne ensures hassle-free application processing and saves our clients time, efforts and money.

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Is A Migration Agent Worth it in Australia?

Do you intend to migrate to Australia? Due to the many visa options available and the complexity of the process, many people rely on the help of an immigration agency to successfully migrate to Australia.

A migration agent Melbourne offers aid and guidance throughout the immigration process. Certified agents are officially authorised by the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority, which comes under the Department of Home Affairs.

It isn’t essential to work with a migration agent for your visa application. However, they can help to make the procedure less demanding.

Migration consultants Melbourne can help you prepare all the necessary paperwork and complete the visa application. As well as assisting you in understanding how to approach the visa application process, Immi Smart Melbourne can contact the Department of Home Affairs on your behalf about your application.

What does an immigration consultant in Melbourne do?

A migration consultant Melbourne is a subject matter expert. They have assisted many other applicants and offer a specialist, up-to-date understanding of Australian immigration law.

Because they must abide by a Code of Conduct, visa consultants in Melbourne are always obliged to operate in your best interests. Your visa consultant will give you qualified assistance throughout the visa application procedure, and they will act as your representative to interact with the Australian government if need be.

A visa application can automatically fail if you don’t follow the specific directions. Preparing the documentation you need in an effective way will also help to speed up the visa process.

Instead of attempting this intimidating process by yourself, you can rely on the professional help of the best migration agent Melbourne has to offer. If you need an Indian immigration lawyer in Melbourne, we can help you successfully lodge a visa application.

How do I choose a migration agent?

Your Melbourne immigration consultants need to be familiar with your unique situation, are well versed in which visa categories you may be eligible to apply for, and can work with you to create a winning plan on how you can successfully apply for the visa you want.

Before you choose your Australia immigration agency, you need to make sure they have a team of officially registered migration agents Melbourne, who have up-to-date knowledge of the relevant immigration regulation.

Look for Melbourne migration consultants who offer immigration services across a broad range of visas, from business visa to parent visa to partner visa.

Looking specifically for an Indian migration agent in Melbourne? Any immigration agent Melbourne should also be proficient in English. More than just a resource, your immigration consultant Melbourne could end up becoming your champion to appeal a decision on your visa application.